SME Companies


Navigating the complexities of the various Workers’ Compensation schemes throughout Australia is especially difficult for SME businesses where employing a Workers’ Compensation expert is not feasible.


To ensure that our SME clients have access to the expertise required to effectively manage their Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Aegis provides a Workers’ Compensation Help Desk. This service is available for clients to call as often as required for assistance in navigating the complexities of Workers Compensation insurance across jurisdictions in Australia.

Policy and Premium Services

Policy and premium management can be extremely complex in the Workers’ Compensation arena. Aegis can assist employers with a range of services including navigating new and existing policies, arranging Premium Funding and compliance guidance.

Claims and Injury Management Advice

Meeting your legislative obligations and effectively managing a Workers’ Compensation claim can be difficult. Aegis can assist employers with understanding the process for each jurisdiction, provision of the required legislative documentation and guidance strategies for the Return to Work process.