Larger Companies

We provide a comprehensive offering for employers looking to take control of their Workers’ Compensation

Many employers experience rising premiums due to increases in the number and/or cost of Workers’ Compensation claims. Developing and implementing effective risk management and loss control programs is essential for the sustained reduction in the frequency and severity of compensation claims and the associated reduction in premium spend. We offer a professional workers compensation solution.


Risk Management

A solid risk management plan with appropriate risk management strategies is an essential component of any attempt to minimise the costly and often stressful problems that arise through Workers’ Compensation. Aegis can work with you to build and implement risk management strategies to minimise Workers’ Compensation claims.


Loss Control

No matter how robust your Risk Management and Health and Safety initiatives, accidents will happen and claims will be lodged. Aegis can help you mitigate the financial impact that Workers’ Compensation claims have on your business with a focus on loss control through the containment of incurred claims costs.


Challenging Claims

Employers are often unsure how to navigate the complexities of the Workers’ Compensation eligibility process. Aegis can work with you to identify claims that are not eligible for compensation and work to provide the insurer with the relevant information to prove that the claim does not meet the requirements for compensation. 

Advisory Services

Each jurisdiction in Australia has its own complex legislation regarding Workers’ Compensation. This legislation is constantly changing and the task of keeping abreast of changes can be arduous for employers. Aegis has the knowledge and experience to help employers navigate the complexities of Workers’ Compensation, and provide advice across all relevant legislative areas.

Policy Placement

The numerous jurisdictions make policy, premium and program structure in the Workers’ Compensation space exceedingly difficult to understand, let alone manage. Aegis work with employers to ensure they have the appropriate cover in place to meet both their legislative and contractual obligations and to adequately cover their employees to avoid a potentially catastrophic uninsured loss.


Provider Network

It can be difficult to find the peripheral expertise required to successfully manage and mitigate the risk associated with your Workers’ Compensation. Aegis has developed a network of preferred providers across a range of modalities, who are leaders in their respective fields and have a comprehensive understanding of how their services fit into the Aegis Risk Management Model.