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10 Tips to improve your workers’ compensation program

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When we were appointed to Casabene, Kathy Li conducted an in-depth review of their premium structure.

 Kathy is a CPA with 7 years’ experience in Worksafe’s premium department.  Her review identified that a decision made by WorkSafe Victoria almost 10 years ago was incorrect. WorkSafe had erred in their decision to group all of Casabene’s entities under one classification.

 Kathy presented Allianz with the evidence required to amend the structure. Allianz agreed that the entities should not be grouped, the result of which was a refund to Casabene of $136,000.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is one of the most complicated insurances for employers to manage and generally makes up a predominant portion of the overall insurance spend for larger Employers. The complexities across the various schemes combined with constantly changing Legislations and Premiums Orders provides an environment of significant risk for employers, a risk that if not managed effectively can lead to prohibitive premium rates and legislative penalties.

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SME Business

An offering developed specifically for SME Companies

Larger Companies

A comprehensive offering for employers looking to take control of their Workers’ Compensation

10 Tips

To improve your Workers’ Compensation Program

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Aegis Risk Management Services (Aegis) is a specialist Workers’ Compensation Insurance Broker providing expert assistance and advice to business throughout Australia.


Aegis’ approach to Workers’ Compensation is focused on helping employers develop and implement robust risk management and loss control programs designed to enable employers to take control of their Workers’ Compensation liabilities.

Why you should engage a Specialist Workers’ Compensation Insurance Broker:
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  • Contractor Arrangements
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